Bridging the Gap


Connexus Corporation acquires KANAVA International

Last Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, Connexus signed an official purchase agreement with founder, Susan Puska, and former co-owner, Carol Yee, of KANAVA International. Upon signing the agreement, Susan Puska communicated “We are so pleased that Connexus has purchased KANAVA and we are excited to see how you leverage these additions to your company.” Connexus President and CEO, Anita Campion, reassured the KANAVA owners by stating that “We promise to continue the good work you started and appreciate your faith in us.” With the acquisition, Connexus is now the proud owner of the Impact Strengthening for Development (ISD®) tool, a practical, innovative assessment program that applies a systematic approach to solve current development and commercial challenges. It expeditiously vets and builds organizational management capacity to compliantly manage projects. Connexus is now managing two USAID projects that utilize the tool in addition to a State Department project. The ISD® tool is now available in digital form and in English and Spanish, with French on the horizon.