Connexus Helps Facilitates $18M in New Financing for Nigerian Agricultural Social Enterprise

March 20th, 2020  

While partnering with CNFA in Nigeria for the Feed the Future Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Activity, Connexus recently supported Babban Gona, a Nigerian agricultural social enterprise, which provides essential services to farmers, including agricultural input services, capacity building for farmer groups, increased market access, and financial services. Connexus helped facilitate $18M in new financing (equity and debt) for Babban Gona, which the organization will use to increase their current storage capacity and grow the number of locations and outgrowers working with Babban Gona.

To learn more about Connexus’ work with Babban Gona in Nigeria, check out this article from CNFA “Providing Access to Finance in Nigeria: The Babban Gona Story.” You can also read more about the overview, methodology and approach of the Feed the Future Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Activity by following this link!

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