Bridging the Gap


Cracking the Nut Issues Call for Proposals

The Cracking the Nut Advisory Committee invites interested persons to submit proposals to present at the Cracking the Nut 2016: Regenerating Rural and Agricultural Development conference.

Cracking the Nut is searching for the latest approaches to agricultural development that go beyond environmental conservation to regeneration and repair, as well as ways to encourage the investments that make these strategies possible. Do you—or someone you know—have insightful experience related to developing climate-smart rural and agricultural markets? Submit a Proposal and your approach could be showcased to 300 leaders in climate-smart agriculture; including top buyers, retailers, investors, financiers, donors, and development practitioners at Cracking the Nut 2016 and the resulting publication.

All speakers will be competitively selected to share best practices related to one of the following three tracks:

  1. Regenerating Rural and Agricultural Landscapes
  2. Financing Environmentally Sustainable Development
  3. Encouraging Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture

Two-page application due: 5:00 PM EDT, Friday, September 4, 2014

>>Download the two-page application and submit a proposal here!