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President & CEO Anita Campion Delivers Speech at Central Bank of Nigeria

In October, President & CEO Anita Campion delivered a speech during the Refined Economic Development (RED) Quarterly Lecture on “The Role of Monetary Policy in Job Creation” in Abuja, Nigeria. The quarterly lecture series are hosted and organized by Economic and Business Strategies (EBS), whose goal is to promote and develop competent and productive initiatives in the area of small enterprises in Nigeria. Ms. Campion spoke about a variety of issues, addressing the current state of the Nigerian job market and economy and the opportunities that agriculture and agribusinesses can provide to Nigerian job seekers.

Agriculture has ample room for growth in Nigeria, especially if supported by good business advisory services. She emphasized the importance of private and public dialogue and partnership when discussing how to create a stable and enabling environment for sustainable jobs, and cited the Central Bank’s 2013 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund as an example of how the government can support the growth of agricultural value chains in Nigeria.

Ms. Campion noted Connexus’ recent work in Ghana providing tripartite financing models to help farmers, processors, and banks create stable lines of credit and secure food supplies to promote growth and reduce risk at all levels of the agricultural value chain. Climate-smart agriculture is an integral part of sustainable growth and provides many investment opportunities, especially when linked to improving technology and innovation. Check out her full speech and the rest of the RED lectures below!

Watch the full RED Lecture below or click here!

Or watch the video segment of Ms. Campion’s speech below: