Bridging the Gap

Our Projects

Elan RDC (Phase 2)

Connexus developed financial products tailored to the needs of river transporters and coffee exporters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for DFID’s (UK Department for International Development) ÉLAN RDC project. Connexus conducted training sessions for 90 river transporters in business management, financial management, and the formation and management of savings and credit groups. These sessions led to the formation of 16 savings and credit groups with the goal of ultimately linking the groups to formal financial institutions. As a result of increased access to savings and finance, river transporters are now able to pre-finance their trips and transport a greater volume of goods. Connexus also evaluated the need for a new financial product in the coffee sector and designed a post-harvest pilot product that minimizes transportation and labor costs while providing a clean and safe place to secure coffee while it is pledged in guarantee.

Adam Smith International (ASI)