Bridging the Gap

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Financial Bundling in Kenya

Connexus worked with Netafim Ltd., one of the world’s largest drip irrigation manufacturers and its local distributor, Amiran, to facilitate access to finance for Kenyan smallholder farmers to purchase Netafim’s drip irrigation systems. Connexus worked with local financial institutions to develop and market an innovative loan product that included affordable financing to purchase the drip irrigation technology and technical assistance for its proper use. To reduce risk, Connexus helped broker an innovative buy-back guarantee between Amiran and some of the financial institutions. Over the life of the project, Connexus expanded smallholder access to new technologies and Netafim increased their sales of smallholder drip irrigation kits by $400,000 to 1,000 smallholders in Kenya in less than two years. This project was supported by a Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation Grant and co-investment from Netafim.

Netafim Ltd.