Bridging the Gap

Our Projects

Increased Land Productivity Project

Connexus was contracted by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to support reforms to expand land-based revenues, promote institutional strengthening, and increase resources for key services to increase investment in land in Malawi. Activities under this five-year contract include advisory support and oversight of interventions to strengthen budget and expenditure management systems for national- and city-level governmental institutions responsible for collecting and managing land-based revenues. Under this task, Connexus prepares terms of reference (TOR) and requests for information (RFI) as well as reports and presentations on progress in implementation of revenue, budget, and expenditure management reforms among governmental land sector institutions. Connexus also provides advisory support to MCC during project design and start-up. Work on this task includes advising MCC during early country analysis and program development stages as well as providing due diligence and design recommendations on budget and expenditure management related to land-based revenue reforms. Currently, our team is working closely with the National Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC), fleshing out the details for the implementing entity agreement to be signed between MCA-Malawi and NLGFC for the implementation of the Increased Land Productivity Project for the City Council Revenue Modernization (CCRM) Activity.


Millennium Challenge Corporation