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Integrating Gender and Social Inclusion in USAID’s Kosovo Investment Promotion and Access to Finance

The Investment Promotion and Access to Finance (IPAF) activity applies a market systems development approach to strengthen private sector capacity for sustainable economic growth by attracting investment and increasing access to finance in Kosovo. IPAF, led by DT Global, seeks to strengthen the resiliency of the private sector, create productive jobs, increase exports, and enable firms to adopt new technologies and business practices. Connexus’ role is to research and recommend social inclusion strategies for each IPAF objective and to support their implementation. To guide planning for activity interventions, Connexus will conduct a Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) assessment to identify how and why women, youth, and other marginalized populations are hindered from accessing finance and investment. Analysis will be based on field research on the laws, policies, and practices that create biases that can lead to exclusion, as well as cultural practices and gender norms, including how time, assets, and power are allocated. In Year 2, Connexus designed a GESI Handbook to guide local banks on how to integrate GESI best practices into their policies and procedures. Our team also designed and adapted GESI training of trainers (ToT) modules based on participatory adult learning methodologies, to be delivered in June 2024.

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