Bridging the Gap

Increased Land Productivity Project

Connexus was contracted by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to support reforms to expand land-based revenues, promote institutional strengthening, and increase resources for key services to increase investment in land in Malawi. Activities under this five-year contract include advisory support and oversight of interventions to strengthen budget and expenditure management systems for national- and city-level […]

Linking Infrastructure, Finance and Farms to Cashew (LIFFT Cashew)

As part of USDA’s grant Linking Infrastructure, Finance and Farms to Cashew (LIFFT Cashew) awarded to Shelter for Life in 2017, Connexus played a leading role in facilitating access to agricultural finance, investment, and marketing to strengthen the cashew growing regions of Senegal, The Gambia, and Guinea Bissau. Connexus supported supply and demand for agricultural […]

Accountable Governance for Improved Service Delivery (AGIS)

As a subcontractor to Crown Agents, Connexus provided long- and short-term assistance on USAID’s Accountable Governance for Improved Service Delivery (AGIS) Project in Zambia. Connexus worked with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of General Education to improve internal controls, budgeting, and public financial management (PFM). Connexus also led the development and implementation of […]

Afghanistan Public Financial Management (APFM)

The USAID Afghanistan Public Financial Management project supported the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to improve fiscal sustainability and enable delivery of essential services by strengthening the Government’s ability to mobilize domestic revenues and more effectively manage its budget. As part of the consortium, Connexus was responsible for leading the Public Financial Management […]