Facilitating Private Sector Investment via USAID’s West Africa Trade and Investment Hub (2019-2024). As part of Creative Associates’ consortium, Connexus is supporting USAID’s Feed the Future West Africa Trade and Investment Hub (WATIH) by providing the long-term Public Private Partnership (PPP) Director. Based in Dakar, the PPP Director is catalyzing private sector investment in the region by working with leading buyers, processors, and producers to demonstrate the commercial viability of West African farmers and firms. By linking small West African farmers and firms to regional processors and international buyers, WATIH is building the capability of local suppliers to meet international standards, expand their production, and thus achieve greater incomes, especially related to agricultural value-chain opportunities, including in horticulture, cashew, cocoa, shea, livestock, and cereals. In addition, WATIH is identifying other high potential export opportunities in the agribusiness sector as well as in light manufacturing (such as apparel) and supporting services (packing and labeling, logistics, etc.) where those partnerships cost-effectively achieve project results. Through these interventions, Connexus is supporting the creation of thousands of new direct jobs from targeted staple foods and value-added sectors. In its first year, Connexus generated a pipeline of viable projects totaling more than $5M, including identifying firms that need urgent assistance to shore up their businesses due to losses caused by the COVID pandemic. Of this pipeline, $11 million in co-investment grants have received final approval from USAID, which will leverage more than $70M in private sector investments and catalyze more than $60M in exports from partner firms. These approved private sector engagements will ultimately lead to the creation of more than 11,000 new jobs. Also under consideration are another $4.5M in co-investment grants that, once approved, will leverage another $14M in private sector co-investment, catalyze more than $7.5M of additional exports, and create another 13,000 jobs.

Client: Creative Associates; 2019-2024

“People set a company’s culture. Not the other way around. The Connexus culture, and the inestimable value that it brings to us at the West Africa Trade & Investment Hub comes through the relentless efforts and commitment of Lotfi Kourdali, subcontracted to us by Connexus to serve as our PPP director. He brings an unfailing level of professional excellence to us, for which Connexus can feel justifiably proud.” – Michael Clements, Chief of Party, West Africa Trade and Investment Hub